1. The swimming pool shell has a lifetime warranty against failure in structure due to faulty workmanship or materials, provided that the installation, use and maintenance have been carried out in accordance with normal practice according to our recommendations.

2. All support equipment, i.e. pump, filter, lights and heating fitted at the time of installation is warranted by the respective manufacturer of that equipment provided the conditions of those warranties are adhered to.

3. All warranties shall be invalid if the pool is damaged by earth or ground-fill movement, act of God, acts of aggression, by accident, misuse or by the intentional, reckless or negligent acts of any person. To the extent the law permits, in no event shall MK Pools New Zealand, its agents or employees be liable for injury to any person for any claim of damage, howsoever arising.

4. Defects that arise due to normal wear and tear are not covered under warranty.

5. Damage that occurs during the delivery or installation of the products is not covered under this warranty unless the delivery and /or installation is being carried out by an authorised agent of MK Pools New Zealand

6. This is the only warranty given by MK Pools New Zealand and all other warranties, conditions or representation whether oral, written express or implied are excluded.

7. If any defect appears or occurs, the purchaser shall inform MK Pools New Zealand or its representative by notice in writing within seven days of such defect. Any such notice is required to set out the exact nature of the defect and the circumstances in which it was noticed.

8. The Swimming Pool Warranty is for the original purchaser, and is not transferrable to a new owner.

9. Until a copy of this guarantee is signed and returned by the purchaser to MK Pools New Zealand or its authorised dealer and is signed on behalf of MK Pools New Zealand it shall have no effect.



The interior surface of the pool will meet the requirements of the Chemical Resistance Test / Cosmetic Layer, Australian Standards AS/NZS 1838:1994 for a period of seven YEARS, commencing at the date of installation.

This warranty excludes but not limited to any one or more of the following:

Discolouration, staining, fading, surface yellowing, or any surface degradation caused by the incorrect water chemistry and water maintenance in fibreglass swimming pools or contaminants in the pool water. Normal variations caused by time, or damage caused by exceeding water temperature parameters (absolute maximum temperature 35 degrees or constantly exceeding 30 but no more than 35 degrees Celsius). Incorrect application of pool chemicals to the pool. Abrasion or wear due to excessive cleaning or scratching from automatic pool cleaners. Pools installed in commercial or rental application. Pools and property not held in original title or original owner not residing at address, pools not in original location, the pool water not being maintained in accordance with AS/NZS 3633:1989, pools that have been emptied without supervision of the manufacture.

  • Years 1-3: The internal surface of the swimming pool complies with terms and conditions of AS/NZS 1838:1994 clause 7.2 item E rating according to table E1 no greater than 4 and clause 7.3 item F Table F1 no greater than 4.
  • Years 4-7:  The internal surface of the swimming pool complies with terms and conditions of AS/NZS 1838:1994 clause 7.2 item E rating according to table E1 no greater than 5 and clause 7.3 item F Table F1 no greater than 5

Warranty Claim Procedure:

In the unlikely event that the purchaser is required to make a claim on the warranty, the purchaser must carefully and strictly comply with the following warranty claim procedure.

Firstly the purchaser should not attempt to have the defect remedied themselves or by others not authorised in writing by the Manufacturer to do so. The purchaser must notify the business from which the purchaser purchased the Pool Shell in writing and also MK Pools New Zealand.

The purchaser must provide the following details:

  1. Date of purchase
  2. Proof of purchase
  3. Date the purchaser first noticed the alleged defect
  4. Claims for warranty must be received by the Manufacturer within 30 days of the date of the defect first being noticed
  5. Nature of the defect (including photographs). All necessary information must be legible before the Manufacturer will investigate the warranty claim.

This warranty is conditional upon following:

Once the Manufacturer has received the details from the purchaser the purchaser will allow the Manufacturer, its agents and employees unfettered access to the Pool Shell and its surrounds to enable the Manufacturer to inspect and examine the Pool Shell to determine whether a defect exists. If access to the Pool Shell is not provided or is not granted or delayed by the purchaser more than 30 days from the date of claim being made then no warranty claim will be accepted.

Transport costs for replacement shells are excluded, Loss including property (not limited to) grass, paving, landscaping, walls, fencing walkways or other improvements and planting are not covered under this warranty.

In repairing a Pool Shell which is under warranty the Manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace the Pool Shell at its discretion after examination by the Manufacturer has found the Pool Shell to be defective in materials, workmanship and manufacturing.

In the event that a defect exists, then if either repair or replacement or the Pool Shell has been decided upon by the Manufacturer, then the purchaser agrees to provide unfettered access to the site where the Pool Shell was originally installed to allow replacement or repair to the Pool Shell as the case may be. The effect of wear and tear on the pool surface below the water level.

This warranty is offered with expectation repairs may be carried out in situ and may not cover removal replacement of the shell except where the law requires.