Our pools are proudly New Zealand made and as a company we take great pride in the jobs we create and the business we pass on to other New Zealand suppliers. We use only the highest quality raw materials in our manufacturing process to ensure our pools and spas are of the highest standard available.



All of our Spa Pool range now feature the latest SpaNET Power Smart Controllers. With rising electricity prices its comforting to know that SpaNET’s eco-friendly power smart features will minimise your spa’s energy use and take advantage of off peak tariffs to provide much lower daily operating costs.



Our Swimming Pools are made in a specialised facility in Penrose, Auckland. Constant research into new materials and designs has resulted in our present comprehensive range. The pools are made to exacting standards and subjected to rigorous quality control. This means they are safe, durable and easily maintained.

As a family owned company our philosophy of excellence has led to many thousands of New Zealand families enjoying a lifestyle that MK Pools offers.

MK Pools has been manufacturing in New Zealand for over 30 years (EST 1978) and is New Zealand’s largest spa and swimming pool manufacturer. Our pools are proudly New Zealand made and as a company we take pride in the jobs we create and the business we pass on to other New Zealand suppliers.

We use only the highest quality raw materials in our swimming pool manufacturing process to ensure that our swimming pools are of the highest standard available. Because our pools are made to exacting standards and are subject to rigorous quality control we are able to offer a lifetime structure warranty on our swimming pools.

Why buy a MK Pools Swimming Pool:

  • A fibreglass composite swimming pool is non abrasive, has no sharp edges just smooth seating and steps. Composite fibreglass pools have a very hard, flat, and easy to clean surface that will reduce chemical usage and cleaning time, giving you more time to enjoy your pool.
  • The high tensile strength of fibreglass allows the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement.
  • All our swimming pools are salt water compatible. In fact we highly recommend it for its ease of use, natural healthy feeling and low running costs.
  • Composite fibreglass is a great insulator so the water is insulated from the cold earth. This in turn reduces heating costs and extends your swimming season.
  • Your new MK Pools swimming pool can be installed as little as a day after council approval which we manage on your behalf.
  • Because we manufacture our swimming pools and only use NZ companies for filtration and equipment you can rest assured on excellent service and a great after sales back up service if so required.
  • All of our swimming pools carry a lifetime structural warranty.

Why buy a MK Pools Spa Pool:

What’s on the inside really counts! At the core of any well-built spa is a quality acrylic spa shell. While spa heaters, pumps and systems are important – Spa acrylic shells cannot be replaced. Our laminating process consists of the following:

1. A beautifully finished premium American acrylic sheet.

2. Cutting edge resins applied with woven glass fibres, designed for the thermoformed acrylic market. Far better adhesion than vinyl ester resins that are typically used in cold-water boat building applications.

3. Second layer of our cutting edge resin is applied with more woven glass fibre strands for even further torsional strength.

4. Final strength and full frame construction applied with the same cutting edge resins. We are so con dent in the fundamental process of our manufacturing we offer a 7 year non pro rata acrylic warranty. This is due to using this expensive cutting edge resin right through the manufacturing process.

Not all spas were created equal. When it comes to thermal performance, heat retention, fun and entertainment our spas have some amazing built in features to set them apart.


A control system that tunes itself to the thermal properties of your spa. It adapts to the environment, day to day, season to season, to reduce on-demand heating. It learns and remembers how your spa is operated to lower your daily operating costs.

The Power Smart SV2-VH is eco-friendly, takes advantage of peak tariffs and is the only controller to combine heating and ltration cycles together.


Say goodbye to heater load shedding. Unlike other spa controllers you can enjoy the benefits as the heater automatically adjusts its output to maximise user comfort by minimising heat loss.


The SpaNet heat pump interfaces directly into the SV Series spa controller. It takes one unit of electricity and produces up to 5 units of heat for the same price. The heat pump combined with other power save technology utilised could save you up to 75% on your electricity requirements.


An app can control your spa remotely from anywhere in the world. Connecting to it locally or remotely via a WiFi, 3G or 4G network. Your smart device becomes a wireless remote for your spa enabling complete control over all spa accessories including pumps, air blowers, LED spa lights and lighting effects as if you were standing in front of the spa.

Adjusting the temperature, selecting your desired heating mode, programming filtration, sleep or power save timers becomes a breeze.


Experience immersive, high definition sound quality. Four 50W per channel high definition stereo sound system with a 150W subwoofer amplifier.


Bluetooth connectivity is built in so music or audio can be streamed directly to your spa from any Bluetooth smart device (phone, tablet or PC).

You could even watch a movie using the impressive surround sound experience, or use it as a jukebox for your favourite playlists.


Adjust volume, play/ pause, skip tracks, mute or ne tune the music balance pool side.

As well as Bluetooth, three other audio sources can be connected such as a DVD player, TV or MP3 player.