Time to take the plunge: Phil and Jodi’s pool story

Pool Video

Pool Preview Video : Phil and Jodi : Beachlands

“We’d been talking about getting a pool for a few years but finally decided to start researching pools we liked,” shares Phil about the start of his and wife Jodi’s pool journey. “We did lots of research and ended up with three quotes – for a tile pool, a concrete pool, and a fibreglass pool.”

Phil and his family had plenty of options but needed to decide the right way to go and, in the end, it was something quite unique that led them to engage with Spa and Pool Factory for the build.

Paint it black

“The things that swayed us towards Spa and Pool Factory were the follow up and more importantly, the unique designs that no one else does. The clincher for us? We could get it in black.”

Having put aside money in the budget for a pool heat pump, Phil knew they wanted a way to keep the pool warmer but was concerned about a heat pump making it too warm to be refreshing. A black pool was the perfect solution.

“Because the black absorbs heat, it warms the water by about 4-5 degrees – at the moment it’s about 24-26℃ without a cover. With a heat pump, you’d likely be up at 32℃ which is way too warm to be refreshing – plus you’ve obviously got the added cost.”

From design to installed pool

Once Phil and Jodi had decided on a black pool, they had Kone (our master pool maker) and Simone (our Sales Manager) on board to take them through the whole process.

“The fact that I could come in whenever I wanted and Kone would talk me through the process was great,” explains Phil. “When Simone came on board, that gave us great reassurance as well; she had such clear communication. From the office to the factory floor to delivery, the team took good care of us.”

Although the pool process slowed when it came to getting sign off from council (something that Phil says has happened every time he’s dealt with council), as soon as the approval came through things were a-go.

“We got council approval on the Thursday; on Friday we confirmed the install with Kone; and the pool was installed two weeks after that,” shares Phil. “It actually ended up being perfect timing – we missed the rain and had time to get all the excavation finished.”

Living the dream

Phil’s already recommended three friends get a pool or spa from Spa and Pool Factory (“Why wouldn’t you go with a lifetime structural warranty?”) and has been loving the superior product and ongoing follow up.

Now, he describes having the pool as absolutely “wicked”, with the family out in it nearly every day and half the neighbourhood over as well. It’s funny how friends start to come over much more frequently when you’ve got a summer oasis in the backyard…

“It’s awesome – no regrets at all. I wish we’d done it sooner!”