Albert Swim Spa



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4,500mm x 2,200mm x 1,350mm




American Balboa control
Stainless steel frame
Heat preservation: Skirt, pipe, base and shell insulation,
Underwater lighting
Lockable Hard Cover
Exclusions: Electrical wiring and hook up from owner’s electricity supply, water supply and delivery.


Fountain with LED (pc): 4
Water diverter(pc): 1
Air regulater(pc): 2
Suctions (pc): 6
Gate valves (pc): 2
Drain valve(pc): 1
EVA Headrest pillows(pc): 2
Support frame: #304 Stainless steel
Overflow outlet (pc): 1
Skirt: Brown/Grey/Black color


Lounge Hydrotherapy Recliner: 2
1 Seat
Gross weight:690KG/ 6190KG
Total Jets:36
7.5\'\' direct injection Swim jet(pc): 6
Massage jets 3.5\'\' (pc): 8
Massage jets1.5\'\' (pc): 22
6 Swim Jets
Shell colors: 10 colors available
Shell material: Aristech Acrylic
Swim pump: 3.0HPx3pcs
Jet pump: 2.0HPx1pc
Circulation pump: 0.53HP
Control system: America Balboa control
Max Power consumption: 11680 Watt 17.7A in 380V 50Hz
Heater (America Balboa brand): 3KW/220-240VAC
Underwater lighting 5\'\' LED
High-efficiency filter: Top mount filters
Effective Filtration Area: 100 sq. ft.
Ozone Generator: 50mg/h

Spa Pool Extras

Cedar steps (small) – $350

Cedar steps (large) – $595

LED light small – $250

LED Upgrade to 5 inch light – $395

LED 5 inch light with 6 point lights – $755

Wi-fi Sound System with Subwoofer – $1110

Waterfall (6 inch) with LED back lighting – $595

Simple Silver: “The no worries spa pool treatment” – $395

Chemical start-up kit – $150

1kg of Chlorine, bromine or oxygen shock
750gm water hardener
1L Cartridge cleaner
1kg Alkalinity up
1kg pH down
Test strips (to suit chlorine or bromine)